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HPCA Stadium

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Rated as one of the most beautiful cricket stadium in India, it is home to Himachal Pradesh cricket team of Ranji Trophy. It also boasts of hosting IPL matches as a home ground for Kings XI Punjab.


Indru Nag, the famous paragliding site launches you in a flight of about 15 minutes over the majestic Dhauladhar range. In addition to paragliding the site is also known for its zip line. One of the main tourist attractions, it is a must visit site for those who like adventure and thrill.

Tea Gardens

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Spread over acres of land, the beautifully lined and organized tea gardens, on either side of the road are a scenic site. These gardens provide a blissful experience as the visitors take a walk, soaking in the peaceful environment.

Bhagsu Waterfalls

Located at about a 20 minute walk from the famous 'Shiva Temple' of Bhagsunag, the famous Bhagsu Falls are about 20 meters in height and a delight to look at. One of the main tourist attractions, it is a ‘must visit’ site in Dharamsala.

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Chinmaya Tapovan

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About 10 kilometers from Dharamsala is the Ashram and 'Samadhi Sthal' of Swami Chinmayanand. Marked by a  9 meter high idol of Lord Hanuman, a magnificent Ram Temple, and beautifully manicured gardens, it provides a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar.

Chamunda Devi

Located at a distance of 15 Kilometers from Dharamsala, along the banks of Baner river, is the holy Chamunda Devi Temple.  Dating back to the 16th century, it is believed to be the abode of Shiv and Shakti hence it is also known as ‘Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham’.

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Kangra Fort

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Constructed by the Katoch Dynasty, the history of the fort dates back to 4th Century BC and also finds a mention in the Epic Mahabharata. It is strategically located atop a hill with Banganga and Patalganga on either side. About 22 KM from Dharamsala, the fort is a ‘must see’.

Kangra Art Museum

Located in Kotwali Bazar, the Kangra Art Museum showcases the treasures of the Kangra Valley. One can find a rare collection of artifacts, sculptures, coins, jewelry, and costumes depicting the culture and past of Kangra Valley. Also displayed are the relics of Buddhist and Tibetan cultures.


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Dharamkot is a little hippie village in the Himalayas. This little Yoga village is ideal for a few days’ time off from the real world. Dharamkot is the perfect base for multiple hikes in the Himalayas such as Triund, Illaqua, Indrahar Pass, etc.

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